foux du fafa

Je vais en France le 5 janvier!

Confession: I do not know a word of French. I had to rub the FreeTranslation(.com) genie to help me type that one sentence.

For the next five months eight classmates, including my boyfriend Seth, and I will study at the Rice University School of Architecture in Paris. Our course load will include a studio, a French language and culture class, and a film making class. Despite the fact that I will be surrounded by Americans and English-speaking Parisians for the duration of the program, I hope to at least somewhat immerse myself in the local culture. I want to learn to order my own food, bargain at thrift shops, and roam the cobblestone streets with the ease and sophistication of a French woman. I want to learn to use my new camera to document the people and buildings I see everyday. For those things I cannot show through pictures, I want to write about them. I have not kept a journal or a blog in quite some time, and I have found I am no longer comfortable with writing. I hope to change that.

I expect my life to change immensely over the next five months. I hope you will enjoy reading about my journey as much as I will enjoy taking it.


One thought on “foux du fafa

  1. hi cg!
    looking forward to reading about your adventures! i am not sure if i told you about this, but one blog i read a lot is
    (he was a pastry chef in sf before moving to paris many years ago and he has a lot of stuff about paris and france on his site. he also has a book the sweet life in paris, which i just read and cooked out of this past week and makes me really jealous that you all of there)

    anyways, safe travels and happy adventures!

    love, emt

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