my first éclair

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t my first éclair ever or even my first éclair in Paris, but it was my first on this trip. Mmm mmm mmm… It was chilly, rich, and delicious! I got a bit confused with my ordering. I said, “Je voudrais du éclair de chocolat, s’il vous plaît,” but the cashier thought I said, “Je voudrais deux éclairs de chocolat.” Oh well, more for me! Just kidding. I gave one to Seth, I promise. But seriously, I will have to learn the difference between “du” and “deux” so as not to buy two of everything.

After a long, leisurely sleep last night, Seth and I journeyed out for a quick lunch at a local bakery. I successfully ordered un panini de jambon et fromage (a ham and cheese panini) and quickly gobbled it up. As I told my mom, I was very tempted by the pan au chocolat, but I was somehow able to resist. Once our stomachs were satisfied, we took the train to the sixth arrondissement—home of Saint-Germain Abbey, St. Sulpice, the Pont des Arts, and the Jardins du Luxembourg—to visit the locksmith and the insurance agency. Two of our three keys had been copied incorrectly, so Seth and I had been sharing a single set. Our apartment locator kindly warned the locksmith that two bumbling Americans would be stopping by, so the clerks had their English at the ready. While we waited for our keys, we walked to the insurance agency to pay for our renters’ insurance. One of the agents worked in Mobile once upon a time, and he was disappointed that we did not have southern accents.

With great anxiety, Seth and I tackled one of our biggest foreign-city fears: grocery shopping. It turned out not to be painful at all. We had some difficulty figuring out the differences between kinds of cream—heavy whipping cream, low-fat cream, blah blah blah—but we were able to choose wisely by looking at the pictures on the bottles. We made it back to our apartment safely (with the correct gate code memorized) and proceeded to cook our first meal in our new apartment. Mmm… potato leek soup. Très français!

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