crêpes aux champignons

I forgot to mention that Seth and I made crêpes aux champignons for lunch yesterday! Seth made crêpes quite often while he was living in Seattle (They are ideal for finishing off bits and pieces of leftovers), but I had never tried. (I am really awful at following “flipping” recipes. My omelettes always become ugly scrambles.) For my first session, I took charge of the filling. I started with lots of butter, then I added a couple of french onions and a couple cloves of garlic. Once the onions had softened, I added about a 12-16 ounces of button mushrooms. I let the mushrooms cook down most of the way before I added some flour (maybe 2 tbsp), milk (maybe half a cup), and Herbes de Provence. The mixture eventually became quite thick, and the smells of sauteed goodness began to fill our apartment. Seth made the sauce, which consisted of butter, flour, milk, lemon, and thyme. (Side note: In Paris, crêpes are more of a street food than a sit-down food. They are usually rolled into a cone, wrapped in paper, and served sans sauce.) We made the mistake of adding grated emmental to the bottom of our crêpes. There were already so many flavors going on that the addition of cheese made the dish somewhat overwhelming. Don’t worry, it was still delicious.

This morning, Seth had me try flipping Nutella crêpes with our leftover batter. They actually turned out to be quite pretty, not to mention scrumptious! Did I mention we have already opened our second jar of Nutella? Oops.

One thought on “crêpes aux champignons

  1. mmmmm…flip happy! It’s wonderful to read your descriptions. I can almost taste them myself. As Jacques Pepin says “Happy Cooking”!

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