i joined the communist party!


But our class did visit their French headquarters. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer (1967-1980), the building features a subterranean entrance which cleverly contrasts with that of the French National Assembly.

As part of our second Replaying Modernism walking tour, we also visited the Church of Notre Dame du Raincy. Designed by Auguste Perret (1921-1922), it was the first religious building in France to be constructed of concrete. Perret adapted his material of choice to achieve the lightness (both weight and brightness) of early Gothic cathedrals.

I hope the photos will be worth the second entry.


One thought on “i joined the communist party!

  1. oohh ahh! The pictures are such a treasure. Ceiling in the communist headquarters such a juxtaposition to its walls. Church with a carapace of lace or honeycomb – visually defying the materials with which it was constructed. Please mam, may I have more?

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