When I was younger, I thought I would have a lot of things figured out by the time I turned twenty-four. Well, my birthday came and went, and I began to wonder when I might glimpse some hint of clarity. My friend Sohael told me it is best to live life not knowing where you are going because it forces you to constantly experiment and reevaluate your path. I have decided to embrace his words and try a few new things this year rather than worry too much about the future.

I kicked off my birthday resolution on Friday with some good friends, good food, and good drinks. I made a goat cheese-pesto “mac and cheese” for my guests, and Seth put together some homemade lemonade. We served our goodies with baguettes and vodka. Nick and Lyon brought a bottle of white wine and black currant liquor so that we could all make kirs, a very popular French cocktail (finally, one that isn’t so saturated with sugar). After a few drinks apiece, we took the metro down to the Marais. Our French language teacher Gaelle recommended “a chic bar with good-looking young people” called La Perle, so we decided to check it out. It was completely packed, and, as promised, the people were very stylish, very beautiful, and very French. The boys stupidly ordered pints of beer at eight Euro apiece, while Lyon and I opted for the two-Euro glasses of white wine. We had just found a free table when the bar suddenly stopped serving alcohol. At 12:30! …12:30! After throwing back our wine, we walked down the street to an expat bar called the Lizard Lounge. The bartenders were all American, and they knew how to craft a decent cocktail. Lyon bought me a vodka martini, and I was pretty much done for the night.

After a long sleep, Seth and I took another stab at our Berkeley essay. We have been working on it ever since.


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