the lunch club: part un

As part of our French culture class, Garry took us out for a three-course lunch at a neighborhood bistro. Most of us ordered une entrée (an appetizer), le plat principal (a main course), and le dessert (a dessert). A few of us, like myself, additionally opted for a glass of wine before the meal and a café at the end. My menu looked a little something like this:

  1. crème de rouget (red mullet bisque)
  2. poached cobia with white rice, zucchini ribbons, and saffron sauce
  3. fromage blanc aux framboises (plain, unsweetened yogurt with raspberry sauce)

Seth’s menu looked more like this:

  1. cold smoked herring with boiled potatoes and lightly pickled carrots
  2. lamb with a polenta cake and tomatoes
  3. chocolate mousse

Other appetizer choices included chicken liver, egg salad, carrot salad, and lentil and ham salad. The only other main course option was a goat cheese tart served with a side salad. Lastly, other dessert choices included crème caramel (a flan-type dish), fromage de chèvre (goat cheese with olive oil), and bread pudding.

Overall, the meal was absolutely delicious and completely reasonable in price. 18.50 for three large courses, plus a glass of wine and a coffee? Yes, please!

[photo courtesy of my studiomate Ethan]


One thought on “the lunch club: part un

  1. I’ll have the goat cheese tart with side salad, bread pudding and of course, a glass of wine, por favor, oops, wrong language.

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