i don’t know what to do, but i know what i like to do

Mmm, there’s nothing like a little Ben Kweller to brighten my day.

As my classmates begin to talk about portfolios and job interviews, I only get antsier. What do I want to do with my life? While I feel pressured to answer this question quickly (duh, I should be an architect!), I would rather be cautious and take my time. The last thing I want to do is choose an employer without thinking it through and then find myself dying to quit.

So, what exactly do I like to do? I like to:

  • watch people; observe their movements, body language, and fashions
  • interact with people; converse with them
  • learn about the history of other cultures; immerse myself in their customs
  • take photographs of people and places (not so much “things”)
  • try new foods and drinks
  • write about other cultures, people, places, and foods
  • learn about art and architectural history; talk about it
  • experiment with typography and graphic design
  • watch silent films
  • listen to music; contemplate songs with intensely personal and honest lyrics

As much as I would like to add “design buildings and spaces” to that list, not having an actual built project prevents me from doing so. What if I draw something on paper, but its realization doesn’t satisfy me? I suppose I shouldn’t ask “what ifs.” I should just… do.

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