wine tasting

After yesterday’s horrendous film critique, I was left feeling uninspired for my studio review. It came and went, and it was neither good nor bad. The first presenter’s critique lasted over an hour, leaving only twenty minutes or so for each of the rest of us. That was fine with me, though, as I was not really in the mood to talk about folded paper.

The review ended promptly at six, and the undergrads sped off to Cosi (not to be confused with the northeast American chain) for a wine tasting with the dean emeritus. It was so much fun! We tried eight wines: three whites and five reds. As we tasted, we wrote down their colors (light gold, medium gold, light red, medium red, dark red), smells and tastes (pear, corn, hops, earth, strawberry jam, smoke, dates, sun-dried tomato), textures (fatty, chalky), and ideal food pairings. By the end of the session, my handwriting was all over the place, and I started scribbling words like, “CHEESE!” and “BACON!!!” all over my paper. I guess I should not have participated in a wine tasting on an empty stomach. Whoops. Anyway, I definitely did not like all of the wines I sampled. For instance, I did not care much for the Riesling from Alsace (in east France, close to Germany), as its taste reminded me too much of blonde beer. One of the reds, a blend from Corbieres (in south France), was so full-bodied that I could not imagine eating anything with it. My favorite wine, according to my notes, was a Grenache-Syrah blend from Vacqueyras (in southeast France). It smelled lightly of dates and tasted somewhat spicy with its faint notes of cloves. Mmm, so delicious.

This is kind of an awkward moment in my story to make this transition, but I suppose it is as good as any. So, now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, Paris is, um…, crawling with rats. I have seen about ten in the subways this week, two of which were actually running around on the platform! Eek! Also, as I was enjoying my second-to-last taste of wine in Cosi, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, the quick whip of a mouse’s tail as it scurried behind a bench. Eww.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. After the wine tasting, we grabbed sandwiches from downstairs. It was probably about ten in the evening, I had not eaten since noon, and I had consumed eight small glasses of wine. I was starving! We gobbled up the tandoori turkey sandwiches as quickly as possible before hurrying off to an Irish pub. I felt I had had my fill of wine, so I refused to drink anything else. The others did not seem to be too worried about that. A night out with everyone was definitely what I needed to lift my spirits.

We are basically free from school until Friday, with the exception of a single French class on Wednesday morning. I think I will work on my portfolio a bit, gather some more footage in Gare du Nord, maybe even watch a movie. I am definitely looking forward to a relaxing couple of days.

[photo: Ratatouille (2007)]


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