shopping + s/s fashion week

Yesterday after French class, I was invited to go shopping with Brian’s wife MJ. I met her at l’Hôtel de Ville for some browsing in the first and fourth arrondissements. After a quick stop at Lush, we visited Zara, Mango, two H&Ms, and Sephora. I know, I know, we have these stores in America. So what? I walked away with some much needed shampoo and conditioner, a black and white puff-sleeved top, a black and white geometric-print spring scarf, and a couple of other necessities and samples. We went to the strangest place for lunch, a restaurant which served a motley buffet by day and Italian pasta and gnocchi by night. Some of the, um, delicacies we had to choose from were fish pizza, some kind of soup which I forgot to try, salad, turkey curry with rice, crepes with sweet and savory toppings, a cheese platter, and some kind of sponge cake. As weird as it sounds, the food was actually pretty good. I especially liked the fish pizza, even though I thought it was sausage before biting into it. Ha, what a strange surprise.

After an ice cream at Berthillon and a stroll along the Seine, we returned to l’Hôtel de Ville. There, MJ spotted one of her favorite Paris fashion bloggers photographing a random girl on the street. She looked so cute with her messy hair, khaki-colored princess coat, and brown combat boots. Have I told you that I often dream of a fashion blogger stopping me on the street? “You have a great sense of style,” he says to me. “May I photograph you for my blog?” The next day, I visit his website to find an unusually glamorous photo of me staring off into the distance, wearing some fabulous coat.

Also, this week is Spring/Summer Fashion Week in Paris. Everyone has really upped their style game. Lady Gaga is in the city somewhere, probably masquerading as a womb.

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