those who go

After my not-so-encouraging film critique last weekend, I revamped my whole project, including the title. I shot some new footage in Gare du Nord and edited the video so that it gradually progresses from slow and ordered to fast and chaotic, much like the music. My film professor thought the end result was too repetitive, but I wanted it that way. After all, the song is quite repetitive, no? Unfortunately, even after several evenings of loitering around the station, I still could not get a shot of a train leaving for the final scene. Transit cops tend to question people with cameras, especially when children are present at the scene. Yeah, France (or at the very least, Paris) is really weird about strangers photographing or filming children in public spaces. Whatever. If I ever do get the shot I want, I will edit the video accordingly.

Last night, as a pot of smoky red beans stewed in the kitchen, I uploaded my video to YouTube. I hope you enjoy it.

For my last short, I think I want to do something more serious and more personal. I have not yet decided how much I want my classmates to know I am the subject of the film; I might chicken out and make the subject a bit more abstract. Either way, it definitely will not take place in a train station or in any form of transit. Whew.


One thought on “those who go

  1. ooh. I can’t wait to see your last film. And I liked your film. The music was really cool and the angles you took of the whole station were amazing. Hope you had a good weekend:)

    ps: Thanks for the audrey comment. It made my day.

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