the lunch club: part deux

Today our class participated in a leisurely walking tour around the eighteenth and nineteenth arrondissements. We visited the Père Lachaise cemetery (where Oscar Wilde and other famous people are buried) and Buttes Chaumont (a beautiful scenic park on a hill); we admired street art by Mosko & Compagnie and Nemo; we strolled through Belleville.

UPDATE: To check out some photos from the walking tour, click here:

After our wonderful walk in the sun, we stopped at Le Vieux Belleville for our second lunch club session. For my starter, I enjoyed a small charcuterie plate with salami, prosciutto, and rillettes (a sort of pork spread). Seth chose a salad with smoked salmon and chèvre (goat cheese). For our main course, we split two entrees: rare horse steak and stewed beef kidneys. Both were just okay. The horse steak was not thoroughly seasoned. I definitely prefer horse raw, mixed with herbs and citrus, to rare. As for the kidneys, they were a little too potent for my taste. I prefer lamb sweetbreads to beef, as they are milder in both odor and flavor. I had never eaten beef kidneys, though, so I was happy to try something new.

Tomorrow evening, Seth and I are attending a potluck feast hosted by Brian and MJ. I think Seth and I will use our leftover tomato paste to make lasagna. Yes, dear reader, that means my next entry will focus on food… again.


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