a “family” feast

Tonight, Brian and MJ had our class over for a potluck feast. For appetizers, Nick made bruschetta, and Lyon concocted a beet and goat cheese dip. For mains, Brian and MJ made a broccoli cheese soup, Will made vegetable fried rice, Sohael assembled a strange fish and banana leaf dish, and Seth and I brought a white mushroom lasagna. I was especially proud of the lasagna because it was the first time I cooked without following a recipe at all! I only used Ina Garten’s portobello version as general inspiration. (Portobello mushrooms do not exist in Paris, so as much as I wanted to, I could not have possibly followed her recipe.) Anyway, all of the food was absolutely scrumptious. Our class has some good cooks!

After dinner, we played a circle game involving hand signs, distractions, and general trickery. (MJ, what was this game called?!) We also played a few rounds of telephone charades and word games. (Seth did a particularly accurate silent impression of Justin Bieber.) All in all, it was a wonderfully comical and relaxing evening. I had a great time!

[photos courtesy of MJ]


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