Ever since the second season finale of “Gossip Girl,” I have loved macarons. To be perfectly honest, though, I am far more in love with their appearance than I am with their taste; I generally find them to be too sweet. But while leisurely strolling down the cobblestone streets of Paris, I simply cannot turn my head from that certain patisserie‘s window, the one who displays their colorful meringue treats ever-so-prominently, begging me to taste one (or half a dozen). For Valentine’s Day, Seth bought a large raspberry macaron, stuffed with cream and fresh raspberries, for us to share.

Macarons come in a variety of colors and flavors, including stranger pairings like mandarin orange and olive oil, chocolate and black currant, and white truffles and hazelnuts. I want to try them all! Perhaps when Eliot visits next week, I can arrange a macaron rendezvous in the first arrondissement!

And of course, I had to post a photo of Chuck finally professing his love for Blair. I think, more than those three little words, it was the box of delectable macarons from Pierre Hermé that ultimately made her swoon.

[photo: “Gossip Girl” episode 225]


2 thoughts on “macarons

  1. I walked into a Pierre Herme yesterday. I think we should go sometime. I almost bought some but had already splurged the day before at laduree. We should have a taste challenge to see which ones are better.

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