food expo

Yesterday, Seth, Eliot, and I met Will at Porte de Champerret for a food exposition. Like last time, we sampled various cured meats, cheeses, chocolates, jams, and baked goods. Seth and I walked away with a few goodies: a pork terrine (which consisted mostly of liver), a triple-cream, and a jar of strawberry-cherry jam. Eliot bought some very delicious Marseille chocolates for his girlfriend, Jennifer. Some were shaped like skinny leaves and infused with olive oil and citrus, while others were shaped like little coconuts and were filled with almonds. The assembly made a cute little tree!

Since Seth and I had to work on our studio and french culture projects this evening, we decided to make a spread of our finds (minus the chocolate, of course), a couple of baguettes, and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for dinner. I guess I don’t mind working nights if there are yummy French foods involved.

[photo courtesy of Journal des Femmes]


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