For the past nineteen years of my life, I have struggled with trichotillomania. Trichotillomania (“Trich” or “TTM” for short) is a a compulsion to pull out one’s hair, and it is currently classified as an impulse control disorder by the DSM-IV. (It was formerly classified as an obsessive compulsive disorder.) Although I have experienced all of the hair loss, distress, and functional impairment associated with trich, I find the condition itself nearly impossible to explain.

For my final short film, I decided to make a video which chronicles my actions and feelings during a TTM spell. I hope you like it.

[Note: All color footage was found, while all black and white footage was filmed by my own hand.]


4 thoughts on “trichotillomania

  1. so brave and beautiful you are. what if we were all willing to reveal our shadow side to one another? the truth is, this is only a wound you wear, not fundamentally your true self. May everyone who chooses to see it, help you to heal. i believe we are on this earth to love each other into our best selves. we must first be willing to share our truths as you so poetically did. we love you.

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