break time

For the past couple of days, Seth and I have been working feverishly on our portfolios, our trip itineraries, and our job/city searches. This afternoon, we decided to take a short break. We walked down the street, enjoyed a beer at a local bar, and discussed our upcoming plans.

My mom and stepdad are visiting April 27-May 4; Seth’s friend Duncan is traveling around Europe the entire month of May; I am flying to Nice May 5-8; and Seth and I are taking the Chunnel to London May 10-12! We have already booked our hostel, and soon we hope to make a reservation at a yummy Indian restaurant. I have scouted the New York Times Top 5, and I think Hot Stuff will be our best (read: cheapest) bet. As I type, a pot of lentil chili simmers on our stove. Mmm… I do believe we are getting into the traveling spirit a bit early!

2 thoughts on “break time

  1. You two are my Heros!! Seriously. What you are doing right now is my vision of Julie and my retirement plans. Take it all in. I hope you guys can continue to enjoy life like you already have shown. Jimbo.

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