sugar, spice, and everything nice

Now that Seth and I are finished with school, we actually have time to cook! Lately, we have been craving southwest flavors and Indian food, mostly because we have grown tired of the French’s stinginess with seasonings. In the past week, we have made Aarti Sequeira’s chicken tikka masala, a southwest egg scramble, and spicy lentil chili. Lucky for us, we live just a few short blocks from hoards of Indian markets and unique fresh produce stands. Have you ever heard of karela? Neither had we! Apparently, it is a bitter melon popular in South and East Asian cooking.

This afternoon, we journeyed half a block from our apartment to La Paella. We enjoyed plates of Manchego, chorizo sobreasada, and gambas al ajillo (oh, yeah, and a couple glasses of sweet red sangria). Everything was wonderfully spicy, garlic-y, and oily. After our hefty, food-coma inducing lunch, it was nice to return home to a pitcher full of homemade iced coffee. While I wish we could spend more time frolicking around Paris and dining at chic bistros, I understand that there is plenty of work to be done. Sigh. I am ever so thankful for the huge windows in our apartment.


3 thoughts on “sugar, spice, and everything nice

  1. I’m glad the recipe worked out … but I have a confession. I watch a ton of Food Network, and I can’t stand Aarti Party. That’s probably because I watched “The Next Food Network Star” and I wanted the gay guy to win (obvi….). But I hope you are having a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve actually never watcher her show before! Or “The Next Food Network Star” for that matter. I was immediately bothered by the fact that she calls Chicken Tikka Masala “creamy tomato curry,” but the recipe wasn’t bad.

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