london calling

Seth and I had an amazing time in London! We walked a ton, saw amazing architecture both old and new, and we ate our weight in surprisingly scrumptious pub food.

Although most of the memories are all sunshine and roses, the first hour of our trip was a partial disaster. We missed our train out of Paris! Can you believe it? Stupid us, we did not factor in enough time for security and passport checks. Luckily, our frantic, panic-stricken faces earned us tickets on the next train out only an hour and a half later, which put us in London a little after ten in the morning. (And, bonus, we did not have to pay extra!)

Once we arrived in London, we dropped off our things at the hostel and caught the tube to the Mall. We walked along the street, watching groups of tourists sprint between Saint James and Buckingham Palace. After the Changing of the Guards, we hurried away from the chaos to Westminster Abbey, the UK Supreme Court, and the Houses of Parliament. We stopped for a quick lunch before continuing on our path. We walked across a couple of bridges and meandered around the Palace of Whitehall before visiting Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. The firm I worked for in Philadelphia, Venturi Scott Brown & Associates, worked on the 1991 Sainsbury Wing addition of the project. I was so ecstatic to finally see it in person and hug the building’s postmodern columns. After my geeky architecture moment, Seth and I took the tube to Baker Street for a beer. We ultimately settled on this cute little place on a side street. The bartender recommended a couple of “warm” beers for us, “warm” meaning not super-carbonated. They were delicious. Afterwards, we walked just down the street to The Golden Hind, a fish-n-chips-only restaurant. They served cod n chips, salmon n chips, halibut n chips… Yum! When I saw my dinner, I was glad I had eaten a small lunch. The fried fish took up my whole plate and then some!

The next day, we woke up early to visit the exteriors of the Royal Opera House, the British Museum, Inigo Jones’s Saint Paul’s Church, and Christopher Wren’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral. We walked in and around several markets and enjoyed a long lunch at a pub. Neither Seth nor I could resist the generous helping of sausages and mash on the menu. Bellies full, we rested for a bit before taking the tube to the West End. We slowly weaved through the streets, stopping to look at shop windows and restaurant menus. (Yes, even though we had just eaten a huge lunch. I can look at restaurant offerings any time!)  We managed to find the Chinatown, and we made a pact to come back the next day for a dim sum lunch. (Dim sum is hard to find in Paris! I know it exists, but it just seemed to be so much more legitimate in London.) That evening, we settled in a pub for a pint of Guinness and a beef pie. Who says British food is bland? I adored the hearty meats, mashed potatoes, gravy (!!!!!), and cooked red cabbage. As much as Seth and I were looking forward to eating some of the best Indian food on the planet (you know, outside of India), we had eaten a little too much of it in Paris and had grown somewhat sick of it. Oh well.

For our last day, we went on a self-conducted architectural tour. We saw the Gherkin, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, and City Hall. We then enjoyed a dim sum lunch and bubble tea (!) before heading to Kensington Gardens. We worked off some of the calories from our lunch by chasing squirrels and puppies. (Okay, so maybe I was the only one who did that.) Despite the clouds, we had a really wonderful day.

I was sad to leave, but my joyous memories of London will last forever. Who knows, maybe I will be back next summer for the Olympics?

Oh, and if you would like to see more photos from the trip, click here:

2 thoughts on “london calling

  1. What great pictures and sounds like you have good memories along with what appeared to be good weather while you were there. I am sure 3 days just weren’t near enough!

  2. Carrie the narrative and pictures were delightful. You look so cosmopolitan! I just love your flair with words and images. thank you for sharing. cng

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