According to a nifty Survival Czech website I found, “ahoj” (pronounced ah-hoy) means both “hello” and “goodbye.” Just like “ciao!” in Italian.

Seth and I leave for the Czech Republic bright and early tomorrow morning. We are visiting Praha, a few small towns, and Brno. I am so incredibly excited! This journey kick-starts a very busy month, which consists of two trips, visits from Duncan and Antonia, a flight home, and a rigorous job search. Basically, this is the last month of my life that is completely planned. Everything after that is up in the air. Scary, right?

Oh yeah, and I am now officially a B.Arch. graduate. I wish I could have been there to walk across the stage alongside some of my best friends.

[photo courtesy of my dear studiomate Jon, who was actually present at the ceremony]

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