barcelona food diary: day one

Because let’s be honest, the food and wine are half the reason I am here. (The beach is the other half.)

Our trip to Spain went very smoothly. Seth, Antonia, and I took the night train from Paris, and eleven hours later we awoke in Barcelona. Antonia and I shared our car with a girl from Colombia (It must have been fate!), while Seth bunked with a couple of French guys. When we arrived at our hostel, we were all in desperate need of a shower. Unfortunately, it was too early to check in, so we dropped off some of our things and roamed around the Gothic Quarter for a few hours. Once we were able to get cleaned up, we walked to Barceloneta for a long seaside lunch.

Antonia conducted some online research, and we ended up at Can Majó. Just off the beach, the bustling seafood restaurant gleamed with rows of white tablecloths and glasses of sparkling wine. We sat at a table in the sun, and we shared a bottle of the house white wine and a Cava. For our meal, we ordered lightly fried squid rings and peeled shellfish paella. (Seth now wholeheartedly admits that he was wrong when he once, very mistakenly, said he did not like paella.) Everything was extremely delicious and fresh, not to mention completely reasonable in price. As a matter of fact, food here seems to be much cheaper here than Paris and London, or even Prague. Ah, and it is so flavorful, too. We started our lunch at a quarter to three, and we finished up around five-thirty. Typical. Most restaurants in Barcelona do not open for lunch before two, and they stay open for quite a while. Their schedule is quite nice, actually.

After dinner, we strolled around Barceloneta to window-shop and pop our heads into a few churches. Despite the evening rain, it was an amazing day.

[Can Majó: 23 C/ Almirall Aixada, Barcelona 08003]

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