barcelona food diary: day three

Rain, rain, go away.

Despite the early morning blue skies, today turned out to be an unfortunately cold, drizzly day. Seth, Antonia, and I walked to the beach only to be harshly greeted by clouds. We meandered along the boardwalk, hoping the sun would return. Three hours of meandering and whining later, we gave up. We sat down for a squid-ink paella lunch, followed by more aimless strolling and shopping. Antonia bought a beautiful handmade leather bag, while I found a glass and sand ring at a design shop. It might sound redundant, but I could walk up and down these Barcelona streets all day, many days in a row. (I guess I have done that.) The streets are just so wonderfully medieval. Super narrow and car-free, they are completely different from anything I have ever experienced. And there are just so many of them!

After a short break, we headed to CometaCinc for dinner. We all ordered the seafood tapa menu, which included a shrimp dish, scallop ravioli, bluefin tuna (We are terrible people, we know.), and an octopus dish. Along with our meal, we were served a traditional appetizer of toasted bread soaked in grated tomatoes, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. I know I have not mentioned this complementary starter before, but it is just delightfully appetizing. Light and refreshing, it pairs well with a class of chilled, crisp white wine.

Antonia leaves for Madrid tomorrow morning, so this will mark the end of my Barcelona food diary. Seth and I will be carefully monitoring our funds from now on, so my future reports will cover free sights and adventures more than not.

[CometaCinc: 9 C/ Cometa, Barcelona 08002]

[photos courtesy of CometaCinc]


One thought on “barcelona food diary: day three

  1. you will of course, be coming back to 100 degree heat and record drought. so if this is any solace, do try to enjoy the drizzle and the fact you are an enchanted world away for a bit longer.

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