levantamuertos (death’s awaker)

This morning, Seth and I enjoyed our first Colombian breakfast at a restaurant. We stopped at a very welcoming place close to our apartment, sat down, and ordered two combos. Seth tried the huevos rancheros (here, eggs scrambled with chorizo) with steamed white rice, a roll, and chocolate caliente (hot chocolate), while I unknowingly ordered Colombia’s answer to the hangover: caldo de costilla (rib broth with potato, garlic, green onion, and cilantro), scrambled eggs with tomato, a roll, and chocolate caliente. So much food! Then again, for Colombians breakfast and lunch are the more important meals of the day, while dinner is merely a snack. Oh, and I could really get used to this whole chocolate caliente thing. The beverage consists of milk and shaved chocolate, which is boiled no less than three times over the stove. (So says national tradition.) Mmm, ¡qué rico!

We spent the afternoon copying our keys, grocery shopping, and preparing our first Colombian-style dinner at home: stewed red beans with chorizo. Seth spotted some cheap finds at the market, including plantains, papayas, mangoes, and oranges. Fruit juices seem to be all the rage here—and why shouldn’t they be, with such an abundance of tantalizing tropical edibles to choose from? I am sure we will be ingesting many smoothies in addition to countless servings of beans and rice (and beans and rice and…).


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