la oficina

I am not sure whether any of you will be interested in the inner workings of my new office, but I thought I would share them anyway (just in case).

The building sits at the southeast corner of Calle 71 and Carrera 7 (71st Street and 7th Avenue), just across the avenue from two high-rise office buildings. I initially thought these skyscrapers were home to Bogotá’s financial sector, but they actually house many businesses and organizations, including but  not limited to the Regulatory Commission in Health, the International Financial Corporation, and several international embassies. Due to the nature of the towers’ affairs, there are many foreign people (including Americans) walking around in suits.

My office occupies half of the third floor of its building—which, by the way, is not a high-rise. It is divided into seven spaces: the lobby, the administrative assistants’ office, the conference space, the kitchenette, the boss man’s office, the construction architects’ office, and the design architects’ office. The conference space has great views of all of the people I mentioned above plus all of the bus and car traffic in between. The office has no doors (other than the main entrance and the bathrooms), so the work environment is very collaborative and, at times, very loud. In total, the office employs fifteen people: the boss, two administrative assistants, four construction architects, six design architects, and two interns. I sit at the circled ‘x,’ in the same room as Carlos, Erika, Diego, John, Stephanie, Alexander, and David. (I will probably mention these people often, so I thought it best to tell you about them now.)

As I have previously mentioned (several times now, sorry), the location of my office relative to my apartment is perfect. I have always found the commute to be the most frustrating part of any work day, so by eliminating that from the equation, I have significantly decreased my stress (and increased my sleep!). I only wish Seth’s office was closer to mine. Because of our semi-long work days and his lengthy evening commute, we do not get to spend much time together during the week.

Speaking of the work week… When I get home from the office at eight (or nine or…), the last thing I want to do is look at a computer (again) and try to think of something interesting to type. My apologies, but the bulk of my writing will most likely be published on the weekends.


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