the little things

On a Saturday morning, I wake up to the sounds of owners opening shops, horses dragging carriages, and contractors demolishing buildings. I wake up earlier than I would like to. As soon as I come to terms with the fact that I cannot return to my blissful state of sleep, I get excited for the day: a traditional Colombian breakfast, a trip to the grocery store and the bakery, miles of walking, and maybe a cappuccino or a tinto on the way home.

Today Seth and I tried Changua for the first time. It is a breakfast soup which consists of milk, eggs (yolks separated from whites), cilantro, and scallions. Served with chocolate caliente and some bread, it is probably the best morning meal I have tried in this city to date. This thin yet chunky soup is unlike anything else I have ever eaten.

I say this not to detract from recent experiences at our local bakery. Located two blocks from our Chapinero apartment, our favorite neighborhood panaderia sells breakfast combos (which we have yet to try there), fresh loaves of bread, and small pastries and cookies. My heart skips a beat for their pan de queso y miel (cheese and honey bread) and their galletas con puntas de chocolate (shortbread-type cookies dipped in chocolate). What can I say? It’s the little things…

[Changua photo courtesy of llworldtour]


4 thoughts on “the little things

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