adventures with a guanábana

The guanábana—in English, the soursop—is a curious, prickly green fruit often seen in juice form on the streets of Bogotá. While it looks like some kind of videogame dinosaur egg on the outside, its inside is smooth and white. Seth and I must have stumbled upon a mutant species of the fruit because ours weighed a heavy six pounds. We lugged it home, dissected it, and combined the pulp with panela and milk. Our result: a week’s worth of delightfully thick, sweet-and-sour milkshakes.


9 thoughts on “adventures with a guanábana

    • Ah! Panela is unrefined whole cane sugar! It is goldish-brown in color and sold by the block. The block is usually subdivided into bars, kind of like a chocolate candy bar. As far as I know, panela can be substituted for refined sugar on a 1:1 basis. It tastes a little bit more like light brown or raw sugar, so I find it to be especially delicious in chocolate caliente.

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