biblioteca virgilio barco

At the suggestion of my coworkers, Seth and I spent our Sunday afternoon touring La Biblioteca Virgilio Barco. Located within a large park between the Chapinero and Teusaquillo neighborhoods, the building looks more like a fortress than a library. Not only is it cylindrical in shape, but it is also surrounded by—get this—a moat! We had such a blast exploring all of the building’s different grade changes, especially on the roof. There were so many stairs to climb and landscapes to see! After we spent a couple of hours marveling at the library’s exquisite detailing and its generous views of the city, rain began to pour. (After all, ’tis the season.) We packed up my camera, opened our umbrellas, and hurried to the nearest convenience store for some shelter and a hot tinto.

If you would like to see some photos I took of the library, please click here:


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