pitahaya amarilla

A pitahaya amarilla—also known as a yellow pitaya or a dragonfruit—is a cactus species native to northern South America. In contrast to its spiny exterior, its interiors are soft and grainy. Its flesh is somewhat foggy, with clearish-white fibers and edible black seeds. Although it is similar in texture to a kiwi or a pear, its taste is much milder, kind of like sugar water. Unlike the curuba, guanabana, and tomate de árbol, the yellow pitahaya has no trace of tartness.

To prepare the fruit, simply cut it in half lengthwise. Use a spoon to gently scoop out the interior. (It should remain as one piece.) Dice it into cubes, and serve it inside its hollowed-out shell. Enjoy poolside.

After eating, hold the fruit’s shell up to the light. Admire its translucency. Isn’t it beautiful?


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