primero de mayo

Happy International Workers’ Day!

Today is Labor Day in Colombia (and in eighty other countries around the world). Rather than spend the day drawing AutoCAD lines on our office computers, Seth and I spent it sipping frothy cappuccinos, taking generous bites of leche asada*, strolling along Teusaquillo’s Park Way**, gazing at neighborhood churches (including the gorgeous Iglesia de Santa Ana, pictured), and scoping out future tourist destinations. It was lovely.

Tomorrow morning, we will wake up bright and early to submit paperwork for our Colombian identification cards. I am so happy to be finally wrapping up the immigration process—dropping off documents, waiting, picking up documents, yada yada yada. Soon, I will be eligible for national health care and a bank account. Hooray!

*   Leche asada, similar to flan or crème brûlée, is a dessert that is prepared with whole eggs, milk, and sugar.

** Park Way is a linear park in the Teusaquillo neighborhood. Dotted with apartments and cafes, it is an ideal location for an afternoon walk (or a sweet snack).


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