when life gives you lulos…

… make lulade! Or do as we did, and juice them with a mango or two.

Also known as the naranjilla (little orange), the lulo is a subtropical fruit native to northwest South America. The exterior is orange in color and a cross between a tomato and a sand dollar in texture. Meanwhile, the interior is green and seedy. The fruit has a citrus flavor which can be described as a combination of rhubarb and lime.

On our first day in Colombia, Juancho’s maid served us each a foamy glass of fresh-pressed lulo juice. It was good, if a little boring, so this time Seth and I decided to up the brightness and the sweetness with some mango. During the month of May, the sunset-colored fruits seem to be at their ripest, overflowing the markets and street carts of Bogotá. At a one-to-one volumetric ratio (approximately two lulos to one medium-sized mango), all this tropical mixture needs is just a spoonful of sugar. (It helps the medicine go down.)


6 thoughts on “when life gives you lulos…

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