bandeja paisa


Known for its excessive amount of food and wide variety of ingredients, the Bandeja Paisa is Colombia’s ultimate plat de résistance. Too large to be served on a regular plate, the Paisa Platter—native to the region of Paisa—consists of eleven essential foods:

  1. red beans cooked with pork
  2. white rice
  3. ground meat or grilled steak
  4. pork rind (chicharrón)
  5. fried eggs
  6. plantain (patacones)
  7. sausage
  8. arepa
  9. hogao sauce
  10. black pudding, or blood sausage
  11. avocado

A variation of the platter also exists in parts of Valle del Cauca. In place of the typical plantains are aborrajados de platano maduro (ripe plantains stuffed with melted cheese), and instead of the grilled steak and the pork rind is a hefty serving of carne mechada (shredded beef). I was fortunate enough to sample the Vallecaucana version last week, when our office lunched at Fulanitos to celebrate Diego’s birthday. We ordered lulados and aborrajados de platano maduro to start, so by the time our entrées arrived we were hardly hungry. Nevertheless, I was somehow able to power through three-quarters of my platter. Two hours later we stumbled back to the office, where we proceeded to shuffle through a little bit of work, give up, and lazily pass around a bottle of whiskey. Let me tell you, Colombian food comas are serious business.

[Fulanitos: Calle 73 # 9-24, Bogotá-Colombia]

8 thoughts on “bandeja paisa

  1. Hey, got a ping from here on my photo there, the best bandeja paisa I’ve found in Bogota. It’s the grande at La Cucharita de Mi Abuela in Chapinero, on Carrera 13 just south of Calle 63 (katty corner from Plaza Lourdes).

    One that could compete is a place called Consulado Paisa on Carrera 11 at Calle 70 or 71. It’s a strictly paisa restaurant (servers in paisa get-ups) so the bandeja paisa is the only thing worth ordering. The chicharron there weighs at least a pound of lean meat – not pure fat.

    Welcome to Bogota!

    • Hey, Colin! Thanks so much for the recommendations. I’ll definitely have to give both of them a try since I live so close by. I look forward to reading more about Bogotá on your site!

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