a tropical breakfast

For the past couple of weeks, Seth and I have had a bad case of the summertime blues. Our friends and family in Texas are filling their days with barbecues, pool parties, and ultimate frisbee, while we sit at bakeries, sipping cappuccinos to keep warm. Since we have no way of controlling the chilly Bogotá weather, we decided to embrace a different trademark of the tropics: fruit! On Friday morning before work, we chopped up some papaya, baked a plantain with a chunk of melted mozzarella, and blended some fresh passionfruit juice. I don’t know about Seth, but after a breakfast like that, I was singing a happy tune all day long.

Sometimes, you just have to make the best of what you’ve got!


4 thoughts on “a tropical breakfast

  1. This looks delicious! And your use of “singing a happy tune” put that song from the King and I in my head. Probably for the rest of the day. THANK YOU! Hugs!!

  2. We miss you guys too! Finally getting a chance to check out your blog! You pictures and stories of your time in Bogotá are so nice to see and read, and make me yearn to travel! Wishing you were here in Austin to enjoy bbqs at our new house and play some ultimate frisbee. We definitely look forward to getting to see you all this winter. 🙂

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