the monkey house: chef & beer hunter

Formerly known as the Monkey Pub: Coffee & Beer, the new Monkey House: Chef & Beer Hunter is a traditional British pub located in northern Chapinero. It seems the owners recently swapped their second-story digs for a free-standing building just three blocks west of their previous locale, providing their guests with a larger food menu (thanks to the larger kitchen) and ampler patio space.

After our experiences at the Bogotá Beer Company, the Pub, and London Calling, we had grown to expect a small selection of draft beers—two blondes, a roja, and a porter—and a food menu mostly consisting of Colombian or “Tex Mex” appetizers—empanadas, nachos, and chicken wings. We were pleasantly surprised. Not only does the Monkey House offer 10+ domestic beers on tap, but they also boast a generous selection of 100+ imported bottles conveniently listed by type and country of origin. I was in the mood for a bitter English ale, so I ordered a pint of both the Monkey Cerveza Roja (draft by Cervecería Colón) and the Sierra del Tigre IPA (draft). Seth, on the other hand, had a hankering for something darker, so he ordered the Monkey Cerveza Negra (draft by Cervecería Colón) and the Apóstol Bock. As we sipped our first pints, we snacked on a plate of crunchy, flour and rolled oat-battered onion rings and paprika mayonnaise. After a while of sitting, sipping, and talking by the space heaters on the front patio, we decided to order some more substantial food. We poured over their menu of fish & chips, bangers & mash, steak & ale pies, soups, pizzas, and curries, before settling on an order of chicken tikka masala and a gourmet hamburger with mint jelly. Although the curry was not accompanied by proper basmati rice or naan, the sauce itself was more than legitimate. Thoroughly sprinkled with garam masala, cardamom, and a variety of peppers, the semi-spicy dish paired perfectly with my hoppy IPA. Meanwhile, Seth’s burger—a one-third pound lamb patty, lettuce, tomato, and a rosemary focaccia “bun”—was cooked medium-rare and served with thick-cut British chips. Both plates were delicious and reasonably priced (COP$23.900 each).

From June 19 until August 1, excluding Thursdays and Fridays, the Monkey House will offer two-for-one prices on their food menu items. Needless to say, Seth and I will definitely be back to take advantage of the discounts.

[The Monkey House: Chef & Beer Hunter: Calle 70A # 8-55, Bogotá-Colombia]

[exterior photo courtesy of degusta]


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