el libertador grand bar

I apologize for the lack of updates, but honestly, I have not had much to say. Seth and I have spent the past few weekends holed up in our apartment working on a design competition, and we have not made time to explore the city.

Yesterday we decided we needed a change of pace. After scouring the internet for stylish lounges, we settled on El Libertador Grand Bar. An homage to 1950’s New York, the cozy space is furbished with sleek brown couches, high modernist lamps, and polished swivel tables. Meanwhile, their menu boasts a slew of classic cocktails, including a dry martini, a Manhattan, and an Old Fashioned. Vodka-based drinks take a back seat to the bar’s whiskey offerings, which are appropriately listed by country of origin. Those who prefer gin can order a bottle of Hendrick’s, complete with a round of rose petal-adorned glasses. As Seth and I sipped our impeccably crafted cocktails, we admired their soft, cloudy reflections in the dim lighting. While a part of us felt as if we had been transported to a simpler time, the music—which consisted of everything from Will Smith to Hot Chip—kept us firmly placed in the present day.

El Libertador is located in La Macarena, a bohemian neighborhood in Santa Fe. Unlike the Zona Rosa or Parque 93, which are both in Chapinero, La Macarena feels less commercial; it feels a little grittier, a little more authentic, maybe even a little bit European. The people who frequent El Libertador and the surrounding establishments are not the type who want to dance; they are the type who want to talk (and awkwardly bop along to the music).

Tonight we plan to return to the neighborhood for a celebratory dinner of Spanish tapas and wine. Stay tuned!

[El Libertador Gran Bar: Calle 29 BIS # 5-90 (Segundo Piso), Bogotá-Colombia]

[photos courtesy of El Libertador]

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