Also known as the Inca berry, the Aztec berry, the golden berry, the giant ground cherry, the Peruvian groundcherry, and the Peruvian cherry—whew!—the uchuva is a bite-sized fruit native to Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. Along with the prickly green guanabana, the uchuva is one of the strangest fruits Seth and I have eaten in Bogotá thus far. About an inch in diameter apiece, the uchuva‘s shiny and sticky yellow-orange exterior elicits expectations of a soft and sweet, honey-like interior. It smells slightly of brandy and tastes like a ball-shaped cocktail: simultaneously sour, savory, and sweet, with a tinge of something that resembles alcohol. My first bite reminded me of a slice of tomato drizzled with maple syrup, while the complexity of flavors managed to render Seth speechless.

3 thoughts on “uchuva

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