annona squamosa

Well, that sure is a mouthful, isn’t it? The annona squamosa is a fruit of many names: in Spanish, the anón, riñón, chirimoya, anona, or Saramuyo, and in English, the sugar-apple, sugar-pineapple or sweetsop.

This apple-sized fruit is usually round and slightly pine cone-like in shape, with a scaly or lumpy skin. Its yellowish white, seedy insides bear a striking resemblance to those of its cousin, the guanabana. Whereas the flesh of the guanabana is smooth and sour, the texture of the annona squamosa is grainy and sugary sweet, hence the British terms “soursop” and “sweetsop”. This fruit is best enjoyed in the comforts of the home, where one has ready access to a bowl and a spoon. I found the easiest way to eat the annona was to break it apart with my hands and scoop out the insides. Then, in a rather ungraceful series of moves, I shoveled a spoonful of flesh into my mouth, swished it around with my tongue, and spit the seeds into a bowl. The seeds are hard, slightly bigger than those of a watermelon, and quite plentiful; in other words, there is no “picking around” them. The annona squamosa is not a fruit you will look cute eating.

As you might have guessed, the sugar-apple is impossibly high in calories. While peaches and ordinary apples of similar size contain roughly forty and seventy calories, respectively, the annona squamosa clocks in at a whopping 150 calories. Yes, the energy in that captivating, palm-sized fruit equals that in one non-diet soda. Ouch!

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