To celebrate their warehouse/office renovation, Kadell invited all of the architects, engineers, contractors, and builders involved in the project to a Sunday feast of lechona. Most of Seth’s coworkers, in addition to their significant others (like me!), were present, and they were able to give me a comprehensive tour of their design. After exploring and chatting for about an hour, we all sat down for some beer, a sweet shrimp cocktail, and the main event: a whole pig stuffed with yellow peas, green onion, yellow rice, and spices and cooked in an outdoor brick oven for ten full hours.

Seth and I first spotted lechona shortly after moving to Bogotá. A restaurant across the street from Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes serves the popular Colombian dish most days of the week, while a couple of vendors at 7 de Agosto offer it on the weekends. We meant to try it, but we had not made the time.

It was worth the wait. In process, lechona is somewhat of a cross between a whole hog of Texas barbecue and a traditional Colombian tamal. In taste, though, it is more like a deconstructed Mexican tamale. What sets it apart is the crunchy, greasy block of pig skin which sits atop the bed of meaty mush—a textural delight, to be sure.


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