vegetariano revolución de la cuchara

I have never been a voracious carnivore, nor have I ever “missed” meat when it was not present on my plate. After an intense workout or an arduous work week, I usually crave the foods that will best replenish my body’s nutrients and overall energy; rarely does the desired menu include animal products. As Seth overcomes a stomach virus that plagued him for a tad too long for comfort, and as we push through the final days of our architectural competition, we wanted a culinary treat that would leave us feeling rejuvenated, not comatosed. We headed to Vegetariano Revolución de La Cucharra (in English, the Vegetarian Spoon Revolution) for some quality vegan cuisine.

Vegetariano Revolución is located in a white building less than a block from our apartment. Seth and I walked down a dark hallway before eventually encountering a skylit central space. We ordered our three-course meals at the counter and found a seat in the back dining room. As we listened to some calming music, we quietly sipped on bowls of barley soup and munched on ripe bananas. For our main course, we enjoyed two shared plates: One consisted of a veggie fried rice with squash, celery, greens, and red pepper; a quinoa salad with shredded carrot, zucchini, and cherry tomato; and a battered and fried broccoli floret. The other plate included a veggie stir-fry with mushrooms, carrots, peas, and sprouts; brown rice; and a side of low-sodium soy sauce. For dessert, we tasted a small bowl of feijoa soaked in herbal honey (which, I suppose, is not technically vegan) along with a glass of jugo de manzanita (“little apple” juice). All of this set us back a mere COP$14000 (US$7). As we walked toward the exit, we spotted some quinoa and Indian spices for purchase. I persuaded Seth to buy the popped quinoa but pass on the spices, as the latter was a bit too expensive for me to consider.

Our experience at La Revolución reminded me of our dining adventures at Casa de Luz, a vegan and yoga hotspot in Austin where Seth, his friend Duncan, and I enjoyed our first-ever vegan sushi. La Revolución encourages similar healthful and ethical behaviors. I especially enjoyed the portrait of Lady Liberty hanging on the restaurant’s wall—a fat woman bearing a torch of a fast food burger and fries with the words, “Qué extraño idea de la libertad!” (“What a strange idea of freedom!”) scribbled beneath her feet.

[Vegetariano Revolución de la Cuchara: Calle 9A # 60-44, Bogotá-Colombia]

[photo courtesy of Vegetariano Revolución de la Cuchara]

P.S. I promise that when this competition is over and done, I will write about things other than food!


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