carne en salsa de tamarindo

Seth and I found this recipe for carne en salsa de tamarindo (slow cooker pot roast in a tamarind sauce) on My Colombian Recipes this weekend and decided we just had to make it. We followed the directions somewhat carefully, although we chose to cut the amount of honey in half and omit the brown sugar altogether.  (Our gringo palettes are not accustomed to such sweet main courses.) Also, since we are not currently in possession of a slow cooker, we simmered the pot on the stove for nearly the equal number of hours. Toward the end of the cooking time, Seth added some papas criollas and carrots—rather than serving them on the side, as the recipe suggests—to create more of an Americanized stew. Served with a large slice of fresh aguacate and a glass of Spanish Tempranillo, this dish was everything we wanted in an early autumn meal.


One thought on “carne en salsa de tamarindo

  1. We were talking about stew this morning. If we can find everything at the new Whole Foods we are going to make this! mmm. We will follow your lead about the sugar part. Will even purchase the Temranillo too! Mmmm

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