For my twenty-sixth birthday, Seth surprised me with some of my favorite things: a homemade breakfast, a dozen yellow roses, and a bottle of Chilean vino espumante (sparkling wine). We sipped the wine on my actual birthday, but we waited to go out to dinner until last night, when we had a bit more time and weren’t so stressed from work. Seth made reservations at Tapas Macarena, an itty-bitty corner restaurant in—you guessed it!—the bourgeois-bohemian neighborhood of La Macarena. I’d been wanting to dine there for months, ever since we tried to squeeze in over the summer and were promptly ushered down the street to La Tapería. Without question, the experience was definitely worth the wait.

We started our meal with a bottle of Tempranillo and pan con tomate (baguette slices with an olive oil and tomato spread). For our cold plates, we ordered the Ensalada Serrano, which consisted of a bed of lettuce topped with Serrano ham, Iberian cheese, asparagus, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, and a sun-dried tomato balsamic vinaigrette. For our hot plates, we munched on morcillitas bañadas en chutney de uchuva (little blood sausages in a sweet uchuva chutney), calamares al ajillo (squid in a garlic sauce), and champiñones queso azul (mushrooms in a blue cheese sauce). The food was quite simple and minimalistic but nevertheless very delicious and flavorful. To round out the meal, we requested a plate of house-cured and house-cut 18-month aged Serrano ham. I have a hard time resisting cured meats, and this one was most certainly not a disappointment.

My twenty-sixth was probably my first real adult birthday. It was my first where I didn’t worry about the status of my personal or professional future. I might not be where I once thought I would, but I think I am exactly where I should. Cheers!

[photos courtesy of Tapas Macarena]

[Tapas Macarena: Carrera. 4A # 26B-01, Bogotá-Colombia]



3 thoughts on “twenty-six

  1. Cheers is right! I feel like 26 was a weird b-day for me because it was like…dang, I’m not in my early 20s anymore. Sounds like it was a good night.

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