planning a trip

Cocora Valley

This weekend Seth and I began the process of planning our Semana Santa vacation. For our first trip outside Cundinamarca, we have decided to visit the Eje cafetero (Coffee-Growers Axis) in the Paisa region of Colombia. We will stay in a proper finca (country residence), hike among the wax palms, ride a pair of horses, tour a coffee plantation, taste fresh tinto, and most importantly, relax. I am also looking forward to sampling some of the local fare, specifically trucha en salsa bechamel y champiñones (trout in a bechamel and mushroom sauce). It may sound strange, but I have heard that it is Salento’s town specialty—not to be missed.

To get to Salento, Seth and I will take a bus from Bogotá to Armenia (approximately 8 hours) and then another bus from Armenia to Salento (approximately 1 hour). We will be in transit the entirety of March 23 and March 29, but we will still have five solid days of luscious greenery, clean air, and hot coffee. I can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “planning a trip

  1. I was briefly in Salento a few months ago, only for a weekend. But the landscape is lovely and coffee directly from the plantation was divine. I definitely need to go back and explore it properly. I’m sure you guys will love it (and appreciate the change from Bogotá)

      • Unfortunately I was just along for the ride, accompanying a friend whose family had come down, but she had done all of the planning.

        We stayed at this hostel: which is in a very pretty location, but I wasn’t really in a hostel mood and the other travelers kind of wore on me.

        The coffee plantation we went to was Don Elias, and I definitely recommend that. It’s walking distance(ish) from the hostel, but you’ll have to take a jitney if you’re coming from the town.

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