the kitchen chronicles

Bogotá’s weather has been less than ideal as of late, so Seth and I have spent the majority of our overcast and rainy Sundays cooking up a storm (literally?). We have especially enjoyed scouring our favorite market for Colombian fruits and veggies to employ in our favorite curries and stews.


On January 20, Seth made a tamarind curry with papas criollas, carrots, and green beans.



The following week, I baked enchiladas con salsa de uchuva, in which we substituted one pound of petite uchuvas for one pound of tomatillos.


On February 10, the weekend before my big essay was due, Seth made a Colombian twist on Chicken ṭikka masālā. Rather than use plain ol’ tomatoes (how boring, right?), he substituted tomates de arbol. The twist made for an especially tangy curry.



And most recently, I prepared an Iraqi-Jewish beet stew with meatballs and turmeric-stained rice. The task required nearly a full day of my time, but I think the end result was worth the trouble. Did I mention I paired some of the stew with sambusak-inspired ravioli? Beets + meatballs + ravioli = Iraqi/Jewish/Italian fusion, no? (I’ll admit, it made more sense to me at the time.)


For breakfast during the week, we’ve been eating a ridiculous amount of avocado. We can buy four of these delicious suckers for 75 cents (ish), so why not go a little crazy? With a sprinkle of sea salt, red pepper flakes, and sunflower seeds, it’s a perfectly filling (and heart healthy!) morning meal.


We also bought several handfuls of moras (Andean blackberries). They’re beautiful, to be sure, but their shelf life is astoundingly short. We will probably stick to purchasing them in juice form at our neighborhood frutería.

Besides making messes in the kitchen, Seth and I have been working and planning our upcoming trip to the Eje Cafetero. (I’m so excited!) Yesterday we journeyed to the Terminal de Transporte near Saltire Plaza to purchase our bus tickets. (You see, we could not purchase them online because our Colombian identification numbers are not tied to our American credit cards.) Our errand was a success, so we celebrated by having a 5:00 snack at La Puerta Falsa and by buying a mochila Wayúu for yours truly. Okay… so the events of buying our tickets and buying my mochila weren’t exactly related, but I do hope to carry my new present on our trip! That bag is so stunning and special, it deserves its very own blog entry.


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