la xarcuteria

la xarcutería

For our day off (May Day!) Seth and I did a little bit of work and ate a lot of food. This afternoon’s excursion was to La Xarcutería, an American expat-owned sausage shop near Centro Andino. We had been meaning to stop by for months, but for some reason we never quite got around to it. Around noon, however, we noticed that the city’s near constant rainstorms had come to a pause, and if we did not leave our apartment right then we were going to miss out on tasty treats yet again.



La Xarcutería is small but inviting, as its walls are covered with bright blue paint and niches full of pickled vegetables. Our hostess led us to a couple of seats on the bench and brought us two Bogotá Beer Company premium lagers. We sipped and skimmed the menu. As soon as I read aioli de ajo (garlic aioli) my heart leaped. I ordered the boudin blanc (veal and pork sausage with arugula and—you guessed it—garlic aioli) with a side of papas fritas, and Seth chose the queso con hierbas (pork sausage with cheese, grilled tomatoes, and basil) with a side of fried cauliflower. As we munched on our delicious sausages, we noticed that all of the restaurant’s clientele was either American or English-speaking Colombian. A woman sitting next to me ordered the house cheeseburger, cooked medium-rare—a dead giveaway that she was not a “true” Bogotano. The owner stopped by the tables of people he recognized, but sadly he left us alone.

La Xarcutería was our fourth gastronomic adventure in the past month but only the first for which I was fully prepared. I did not take my camera to Zona G’s Julia, where Seth and I celebrated my soon-to-be-published essay over pizza and Chianti, nor did I take it to Zona Rosa’s India Gourmet or Flor de Loto, where we satisfied our spicy food cravings. Since returning from our vacation in Salento I have grown especially lazy with my documentation, but in the coming months I will try to make a conscious effort to photograph my day-to-day life.

[first photo courtesy of La Xarcutería]

[La Xarcutería: Carrera 15 # 83-52, Bogotá-Colombia]


2 thoughts on “la xarcuteria

    • I am somewhat ashamed to say that we loved Xarcuteria so much that we’ve already been back. And yes, the second time we ordered the chicken hearts! Mmm…

      Flor de Loto was delicious. I think I preferred it to India Gourmet, mostly because their curries come sans “accompaniments”.

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