diana garcia: chef en movimiento

The weekend of May 4-5 brought Bogotá a welcome slice of sunshine. It seemed as if the supposed rainy month had lasted at least two, so Seth and I jumped on the unexpected opportunity to dine al fresco.


Although we had been there before, we chose to have lunch at Restaurante Diana Garcia, a continental restaurant with a covered patio just outside the Zona G. I pass Diana Garcia every morning on my way to work, and every morning it taunts me with its sweet smells of baked goods. If it’s not La Hamburguesería or Crepes & Waffles, though, my coworkers are simply not interested; I instead resolved to drag Seth on my quest to get to know this adorable alcove.


Seth was not disappointed. The first time we decided to have lunch at Diana Garcia, we both ordered wraps—he, the chicken melt and I, the French wrap. The second time, we both ordered sandwiches—he, the house spin on a chicken salad sandwich (triple de pollo en pan de miga) and I, the house interpretation of a BLT (California). Served on bright white plates, the food is reminiscent of that of a spa—clean, colorful, and quasi-healthy. It is the perfect “ladies who lunch” spot, minus the mimosas.

[Diana Garcia: Carrera 7 # 70-94, Bogotá-Colombia]


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