bubble tea in bogotá


That’s right. Just as Seth and I found a bubble tea shop in Paris, we found one in Bogotá.

A few months ago our friend Jeremy recommended that we visit the Bubble Tea Bar in Container City, a refurbished shipping container alcove near Parque 93. We put it off and put it off until two weeks ago when a foiled plan to visit nearby bakery Les Amis forced us to find another place to satisfy our sweet teeth. I remembered Jeremy’s suggestion, and we decided to give it a shot.


Surrounded by Italian, Japanese, and Mediterranean restaurants and coffee, frozen yogurt, and tea shops, the Bubble Tea Bar is a bright niche in the corner of Container City’s interior courtyard. We located it easily and scanned the menu. Despite the array of options—black tea, green tea, or fruit; gel, pudding, or tapioca; light, regular, or extra sugar; light, regular, or extra ice; etc.—we opted for a round of no-nonsense milk tea with tapioca.

Our verdict: the drink was too light on the tea and too heavy on the cream. All things considered, though, the Bubble Tea Bar (and Container City in general) was an enjoyable experience. The Bubble Tea Bar’s product may not be the best, but it will certainly do in a pinch.

[Container City: Calle 93 # 12 – 11, Bogotá-Colombia]


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