Despite having dined at Masa four times since the beginning of May, I have somehow avoided writing about it until now. I first learned about the Zona G bakery-slash-restaurant via my former coworker Kata. Although she was a self-professed fanatic of their lunch offerings, she was even more enthusiastic about their brunch. “It is the absolute best in the city,” she insisted. I filed her suggestion away for later.


The first time I visited, I ate their foraged mushroom sandwich on rustic Italian bread with ooey-gooey fontina. On my second trip, I ordered the exact same thing. (Shameful, I know, but it was just too decadent to pass up.) The third time I visited, I gained the courage to try something new: their lime chicken sandwich on country sour bread with sauteed red peppers, arugula, and pesto. Topped off with a slice of carrot cake and an espresso, it was the perfect lunch.


All summer I kept Kata’s suggestion at the back of my mind, and last weekend I finally dragged Seth to a proper brunch. At ten a.m. the line was six parties out the door, but I knew it would not be long before we were seated. (Colombians dine at an alarmingly rapid pace.) Sure enough, fifteen minutes later we placed our order. We first received two lattes and a basket of freshly baked goods of our choosing—two butter croissants, a mini baguette, an agráz danish with homemade sprinkles, and a cinnamon roll. The croissants were the best Seth and I had tried outside of Paris, while the baguette was simply delightful. The other two pastries we had to take home for later, along with a pair of pan au chocolat. For our main course, Seth ordered the Masa breakfast sandwich—a fancified Egg McMuffin with fluffy eggs, queso holandés, and crunchy bacon—while I ordered a spinach frittata. The sandwich was satisfyingly savory, while the frittata was ridiculously rich. One bite in, I instantly regretted not trying it sooner.

Moreso than their lunch, Masa’s brunch is surprisingly affordable. A frittata, croissant, and latte combo will only set you back about USD$6.75 (COP$7000 + COP$2000 + COP$3800 = COP$12800).

Masa might be one of Bogotá’s only brunch options (save for the neighborhood fruterías), but it is also hands-down the best. Spanish for “dough,” the bakery offers world-class breads and pastries. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, do not be intimidated by the wait; Masa vale la pena.

[Masa: Calle 70 # 4-83, Bogotá-Colombia]


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