transmilenio: portal del tunal [h]

Other than last week’s excitement of having a certain British “starchitect” visit the office, work has been a little on the boring and unfulfilling side. To remedy my creative itch, I have made an effort to plan fun things on the weekends and take pictures wherever possible.

On Saturday, Seth and I began a new adventure series. Do not worry; we will continue to buy, dissect, and prepare new fruits as we see them, but now that the first rainy season of the year is officially over, we prefer to spend more of our time outdoors. We have decided to shift our focus to the fringes of Bogotá. Each weekend, we will take one of the Transmilenio (Bogotá’s bus rapid transit) lines to its terminus, far from tourists and luxury. (If you recall, we spent one of our days in Prague riding the subway to the eastern edge of the city, where the effects of midcentury communist occupation were painfully evident.) Who knows, maybe we will even spend one—or both!—of our June puentes visiting neighboring towns?

For our first installment in this series, we rode the H-line from our home (Calle 63) south to Portal del Tunal. Seth advised me not to take my camera this time since we did not know what to expect of the area. On the way, we passed neighborhoods not unlike ours. We spotted outdoor staircases weaving between unstable houses before eventually disappearing into the mountainside. At the terminus, we found a large park (Parque El Tunal) and a public library (Biblioteca El Tunal). The park was programmed with soccer fields, basketball courts, skate parks, and several other activity spaces. Seth and I sat on a hill and watched a young couple play fetch with their two Cocker Spaniels before walking to the skate park and watching a ten year-old gringo school a crew of Colombian teenagers with his bike tricks.

After spending a couple of hours at the park enjoying the sun, we returned home.

This weekend, we plan to take the other branch of the Transmilenio H-line to Portal de Usme.