marseille [recap]

Early last Wednesday, our class arrived in Marseille. We dragged our bags from the TGV to the local Metro, to a local bus, and then to our hotel. We were somehow lucky enough to reserve rooms at Le Corbusier’s L’unité d’habitation. The apartment complex/hotel/restaurant/cinema/kindergarten school is one of my favorite Le Corbusier projects, mostly because it is still useable as something other than a museum of itself. I was dying to have a dinner at the restaurant, but alas, at a price of 68 Euro, it was just a bit too rich for my blood. On our first day, we devoured Italian food, sampled Le Four des Navettes‘s finest snacks, toured the Abbaye Saint-Victor de Marseille, walked around La Vieille Charité, and admired the first sunset we’d seen in months. By dinner, we were all exhausted, so we just headed to a local Irish pub for some Guinness and a proper football match. (Yes, Dad, I can drink Guinness now!) Lyon and I had a long, much needed girl talk in our hotel room before turning in for the night.

The next morning, we awoke bright and early for breakfast. The freshly baked croissants, homemade jam, and strong coffee were a perfect way to start the long, rainy day. We took a bus to the coast and rode alongside the water, taking photographs the whole way. Pierre asked us to note the changes in topography, the build environment, and the “tissue” which connected the two. After our assignment, we were sufficiently cold, wet, and grumpy, so we walked to Chez Dédé for some fresh seafood and a mood boost. Our professors ordered a couple of plates of fried minnows to share. (I think I was the biggest fan of those crunchy, salty treats.) Seth and I split an octopus salad, which was delightfully chilled and seasoned with herbs and citrus, and a heaping pile of the freshest calamari I had ever tasted. Because we were seated next to our professors, we were invited to share their wine, their dessert, and a shot of Grappa. I think they were just so excited to be around Americans who were so open to new food experiences! It was a truly wonderful meal.

Shortly after lunch, we caught a train to Nice. I will have to tell you about that journey tomorrow, as I have quite a bit of work to do right now. In case you are wondering, I have mostly been playing catch-up this past week. I have a film assignment due this Sunday, and I have a mid-review on Monday. Other than today’s walk for my Urbanism class, I have not been out and about much. I hope my shenanigans will be back in full force next week!


marseille, nice, monaco

I do not have much time to write, but I wanted to post some photos from my trip to Marseille, Nice, and Monaco. I had a wonderful time traveling through the south of France, and I hope to tell you about my adventures soon. In the meantime, enjoy my photo journal!